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The vehicles that are exposed in this section are vehicles that we want to give a special attention to. These may be vehicles coming to an end of lease and are for sale or they can be vehicles to be sub-leased for their original remaining leased term.


They may also be our client's vehicles up for sale and/or very attractive deal's ! 



JodaCAR  does not hold any vehicles in inventory because of the fact that our dealer's affilate network inventories are available to us. Thus hundreds of vehicles are readily available at all times without the added expendenture of holding large inventory & all the added responsablity that goes with it.


JodaCAR is not a dealer, we are automobile brokers !


Of course their are also large auction houses at our disposable at all times should we not find the required vehicle in our affiliated dealers inventoreies.


In addition, some very good deals can be had with end of leased vehicles that come due for renewal.


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La plupart des véhicules pré possédé que nous offrons, sont repris de d’autres vendeurs ou concessionnaires, ce sont des véhicules retournés comme pour la fin d'un bail qui ont été choisis et inspectés par un professionnel qualifié. Beaucoup de ces véhicules sont encore sur la garantie directement du fabricant.

In many cases, the pre-owned vehicles that we carefully pick for you, allow you to take advantage of a balance of warranty backed directly by the vehicle manufacturer. Of course, each vehicle is carefully inspected by a qualified professional.